Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Full screen Command Prompt on Windows 8

When you work with development environments where you needs to interact with command line debugging tools then it becomes very annoying work on Windows 7 and Windows 8 Command prompt window, because by default it opens a very small sized windows and you can not directly maximize them. However you can set manual width and height from properties but again its annoying job because once you have setup manually it won't save settings permanently. Hence here is another way you can use.

1) Open Command Prompt (Cmd)
2) Type "wmic" and hit Enter
3) Press "Alt + Space + X" and hit Enter
4) Type "quit"

This trick simply opens Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line utility which allows you to work in full screen mode. However if you want truly full screen Command prompt then must try Dos emulators like "DOSBox" etc.

* Note : - use all commands without double quotes.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Remove hidden apps on Windows Phone 8

There are many apps in Windows Phone 8 which are per-loaded by Nokia/Samsung/HTC etc. displayed in settings menu. This all apps are great added features from OEM's but some times many apps doesn't work as expected and crashes randomly. I have seen this problem with the apps like Storage-Check, Feedback to Nokia etc. And if you want to remove or reinstall them then there is no option. But here is a trick that can easily do this job for you.

1) Change your device date to DD-MM-2112 and restart device.

2) Go to settings menu and select options like "Storage-check", "Feedback to Nokia".

3) A message will come with title "Problem with app", read the message and if you want remove it then select uninstall option.

This trick simply expires the date of security certificate with the application. Therefore whenever we open any app then system ask us to either Uninstall or Buy the application.